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BLOG: On directing Oscar Nominated/Golden Globe Winner Bruce Davison
September 15, 2016  I  David Rountree

Working with someone like the legendary and iconic actor Bruce Davison was a thrill. He brings such a tremendous presence to the screen but his best feature was how giving he was to the other actors. Bruce truly understands that for a scene to work, it’s a collaboration and not a contest. Bruce came to set everyday with such a professional and humble attitude as he took chances and was willing to do whatever was necessary for the overall story to get told. As a director, I could not have asked for anything better.

108 Stitches

BLOG: The Audition begins ......... when?
September 17, 2016  I  David Rountree

 As a director always looking for talent that I know that I can work alongside, the audition begins well before the actor walks in the audition room. 

For our film CUT!, actors were coming in for the Director/Producer call-back.For the audition, actors had to be buzzed in to the casting building. I was standing outside with two actors who had just walked up. Neither knew I was the director. As they, along with me, waiting to be buzzed in, it became obvious that the person manning the door had stepped away for a bit. One actor began to get furious that the door had not been opened yet.The other actor waited calmly and patiently while the “angry actor” began saying things like “I can’t believe this s**! First, I sit in traffic, then I can’t find parking, now I can’t get in the F***ing building.” His outburst continued until we were all finally buzzed in. This “angry actor” further added a few derogatory comments to the receptionist on the way in. Of course he was rather stunned when he finally came in the room and got to officially meet the “director,” since I had been witness to his tantrum. In the room, he was professional and his read was quite good. The producer’s actually liked him, but I said that there was absolutely no way I would EVER hire him.

On a set, there is no time or need for drama. If traffic, parking and a door not opening was too much for him to handle, I can only imagine what the stress of being on set may do to him and I was not going to take any chances.Also note, I check social media sites before hiring! If an actor has pictures on Facebook or twitter where they are partying, drunk, high, or acting out of control, that will weigh heavily on them getting the part. Because someone has trusted me with a lot of money to make a project happen, I don’t take chances when hiring cast and crew.  

AND For the actor who patiently waited outside the door, yep, booked the role.

FINAL TIP: at an audition for TV or Film, STAY OFF OF YOUR PHONE! I want to know that an actor coming in for me is focused on what they are doing and cares about the performance. Texting friends or viewing the TMZ app shows a complete disrespect for the craft and I don’t want someone like that working on a role in my project. There is too much at stake.