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"THE STUDIO" is the newest Short Film produced by LA Acting Studios, Written and Directed by Tyler Sopland
The film takes place in one of our acting classes, and explores the mishaps that occur within the quirky different characters. It is entirely shot in "mockumentary" style, replicating some aspects of NBCs "The Office". It is set to release early September, 2018.

  1. S
    David Rountree plays the character of "David", an over-eager acting class teacher, always making the poorest of jokes, and focuses energy on making the best "That's what she said" moments.
    David Rountree
  2. J
    Jeremy plays the character of "Jeremy", a witty & relaxed assistant teacher to David, who tries his best to pull the best pranks on Tyler, yet tries to maintain under the radar of David.
    Jeremy Jordan
  3. P
    Tyler plays the character of "Tyler", who is trying to be the best actor he can be, and is constantly trying to impress David. He is constantly being pranked & snubbed by Jeremy.
    Tyler Sopland
  4. J
    Maria plays the character of "Kendall", a very serious aspiring actress, who dislikes anyone who's goals are different. She does not like class clowns, and is the most dedicated actress in the class.
    Maria Barajas
  5. J
    David Sigura plays the role of "Parker", the girl crazy student, not focused on acting. He is only taking classes for a chance to hit on girls, and tries to constantly impress Kendall.
    David Sigura
  6. P
    Dena plays the role of "Riley", a sassy actress willing to do anything to get what she wants. She is in a constant battle with David when he goes off topic, and is buddy-buddy with Kendall.
    Dena Navarroli

What's the plan?

The goal of this production is to make a web-series, with season 1 having ten episodes. The pilot episode is in post-production, labeled as a short-film for now. We will be crowd funding for the small budget to produce the season after the premier of the pilot.