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Our studio offers the unique opportunity to be coached by a professionally working director and succesful actor of 26+ years with extensive experience in all areas of acting. This infuses knowlege from all perspectives giving the proper guidance and know-how for our actors to, not only get the job, but how to be prepared and deliver once arriving on set.
David Rountree

Writer / Director / Producer

Listed in IMDb and the Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 10 directors under 40, David is a full time director and accomplished actor/teacher. Rountree's last 2 films were released in theaters nationally and CUT! (thriller) was picked by mrankings.com as one of the Top 5 Horror Movies of the year. David also won “Best Director” awards for the film at 2 separate major festivals. 

Overall, David has directed 4 feature films and worked with several Emmy Award winning actors as well a Golden Globe/Oscar Nominated one. He has also directed numerous National Commercials and is scheduled to direct two multi-million dollar features over the next 3 years. 

Starting his career as a full-time actor, he had roles in blockbuster films like xXx: State of the Union and Pearl Harbor, while Guest Starring on shows like The OC, Medical Investigation and The Wedding Bells. David just received a Major Festival "Best Leading Actor" nomination for his role in the thriller The Dark Tapes.

One of David’s trademarks is that he routinely casts actors from his acting classes.

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Rosie Garcia

Rosie Garcia is an incredibly talented actress mostly recognized for her recurring role as “Young Alba” on The CW network’s Jane the Virgin.  Rosie is a Southern California native who received a BA in Theatre Arts from Cal State University, Fullerton. She has had extensive work in TV and commercials.

Some of her notable TV credits include recurring roles on The Closer and Raising Hope with memorable guest starring roles on shows like Gang Related, Castle, The Mentalist, and 10-8 Officer on Duty. She has also done national commercials from such top brands as Nissan, McDonalds, Toyota, Baja Fresh, Sears, Vons, American Express, Pizza Hut, and Nationwide.

Rosie has also graced the big screen with a strong supporting role in the horror/thriller CUT!, which was selected by mrankings.com (movie rankings) as one of the Top 5 Horror Films of 2015. She also played opposite acting icon Kate Vernon and Golden Globe winner and Oscar-Nominated actor Bruce Davison in the baseball comedy 108 Stitches.

As a theater and acting instructor, Rosie began working with general and at-risk kids through the LA Unified School System. Since then, she has coached many kids with a wide variety of proficiencies and talent levels. Rosie creates a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom and really encourages students to be creative, confident and to “share their voices” loud and proud throughout the lesson, thus helping them blossom into the best versions of themselves possible.