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LA Acting Studios and Stage 32 Presents Film Con Hollywood 

What is Film Con Hollywood?

Film Con Hollywood is a full day of panels, workshops, competitions, networking and screenings for actors, writers, directors & content creators.

If you’re looking to connect, collaborate and build relationships in an effort to take your craft and career to the next level, Film Con Hollywood is for you!

LA Acting Studios makes it a mission to bring opportunities to our actors, filmmakers and alumni including producing films for our actors and organizing and creating festivals for the film community. FILM CON HOLLYWOOD is one of those events. We created and co-produce this annual film festival and convention to help our alumni network and learn from top film industry experts. Film Con Hollywood also celebrates the lifetime and yearly achievements of top actors and filmmakers in the entertainment world. ​Each year we present a Lifetime TEA Award and a TEA Award of the year to two top industry artists who have inspired us all. TEA (Top Entertainment Award) for their Distinction, Empowerment, and Inspiration.

Highlights of Film Con Hollywood 2018

Legendary actor Chevy Chase comedically discussing Film Con Hollywod

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