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Classes Offered

On Set, On Camera workshop​
This is the quickest and most beneficial way to learn film acting and acquire professional demo reel footage.  This all inclusive workshop focuses on film acting in front of multiple cameras in fully filmed scenes.  You learn everything from real audition skills in week 1 to acting on set in filmed scenes weeks 2 and 3 with extensive on camera time learning expert technical skills and layered acting performances. Week 4 is exactly like acting on a feature film set. You are working in fully filmed scenes with lights, multiple cameras, a sound person, professionaly directed with a crew, master shots, close ups, and insert shots.  Every week is filmed.  Actors can have us professionally edit together full scenes for use with their demo reels for a small fee including sound effects and music. 

$220 - 4 weeks

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sitcom scene filmed during workshop courtesy of "Friends"

LA Acting Studios is currently in pre production of an original sitcom to be filmed at the studio for our actors. 

Commercial Acting
Learn expert commercial acting skills from professional actor David Banks and author of "How to Make a Living As a Commercial Actor". David has booked over 200 National commercials and is an expert with successful commercial auditions. Learn how to nail the auditions and leave the audiences wanting more. Each week you will audition for a commercial on film, David will teach you all about the top commercial casting agents in Los Angeles and expert commercial acting techniques. You will film a second commercial audition at the end of each session. The final week you will film an actual commercial and will be able to develop a professional commercial demo reel! You will have access to your filmed footage every week. For a small fee we will professionally edit your commercial with music and sound effects to use with your demo reel.  

$220 - 4 weeks

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Commercial reel footage from commercials filmed during workshop

Master Class

Advanced scene breakdown skills and cold reading. For advacned actors who have been in the On Set, On camera workshop and have a high level of acting. Fully filmed scenes. Directors, Producers and Casting Directors want to see specific elements from the writer's script during auditions. This classes teaches those elements.  Actors with these skills book more roles and stand out among other actors. 

$250 - 4 weeks

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Director's Program

Learn to direct fully filmed scenes on camera instructed by award winning feature film director David Rountree. Learn expert technical aspects of directing and advanced scene breakdown skills. Work with actors and a crew in our workshops preparing for scenes and direct actors in complete scenes fully filmed using multiple cameras, dolly shots, master shots, close ups and insert shots using one of our six custom designed movie sets. Directors who have completed this program and demonstrate great progress throughout will have the opportunity to direct a future episode of our 100 episode web series and will receive a television IMDb credit as a director. 

David was recently listed in the Hollywood Reporter and IMDb as one of the Top 10 Hollywood directors under 40. He is an award winning filmmaker and director having produced 6 feature films, directed four and his last three were released in theaters.  David is set to direct the $6.2 million dollar thriller Descention in the summer of 2018 and attached to direct two more features shortly thereafter. ​  IMDB

$220 - 4 weeks

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Kid's Corner

LA Acting Studios' kids classes are taught by professional actress Rosie Garcia, who is a series regular on the CW's hit TV show “Jane the Virgin”.
We focus on building self confidence with young children in a caring and supporting way that leads to rapid growth with acting in front of the camera. All of our sessions are filmed and parents will have a link to download the footage and see their child's work on camera. This dramatically helps both the parents and children learn from watching themselves on film.

Within the first three weeks, your child will be learning all of the techniques desired by Hollywood casting directors. Techniques taught such as mastering camera angles, blocking, movement, body language, scene analysis, character development, line delivery, and most importantly, how to truly embody the characters.

The final week we film the entire scene with a full crew in one of our six-custom film sets which results in professional demo reel footage for your child. This greatly sets your child apart from other kids competing in the industry. Children can develop professional commercial, dramatic and comedic demo reels. 

Our young actors will work on commercial acting techniques, improvisation skills, cold reading, ensemble acting, relaxation and concentration skills, develop audition skills and expert listening skills and much more!

Our goal is to create confident kids who excel in both TV and film. Exceptional work = Exceptional results!  Enroll today in this 4 week monthly workshop and watch your child learn and grow quickly in their film career.
Children who successfully complete this program will be part of our actor database and eligible to be considered for roles in our 100 episode web series and film productions. (No guarantees) All film roles are earned. We have a philosophy of lifting up our actors and helping them to achieve greatness in the film industry.

$220 - 4 weeks

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Path to Production   
A Foundation Course On Conceiving & Creating Short Films

This is a four part series dedicated to learning about producing, creating and filming your own short films. This course will help you have an overall working knowledge of creating your own content and giving you the power to be  your own filmmaker. Take Hollywood by storm and create your own projects! The course includes nurturing ideas, avoiding the trap of being precious with ideas, brainstorming with your team,  preparing to visualize, planning the shots, knowing the gear, camera theory, planning for the shoot, realistically scheduling filming days, planning for people, audio and post overview  and much more.  Practical hands on experience including screenwriting theory, structuring a short, rapid fire brainstorming, table reads, pairing the kit down and other valuable tools. 

$220 - 4 weeks

Writer's workshop

Workshop your scenes and scripts with our actors in fully filmed scenes. Learn what works and what does not translate well to film. Learn advanced scene writing skills that will set you apart as a professional writer. All sessions are filmed and writers will have access to the fully filmed scenes. Come in person or have them sent to you after filming. 

$100 - 4 weeks

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$395 - 2 workshops in same month, $495 - 3 workshops in same month
(same person only)