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Classes Offered

On Set, On Camera workshop​
This is the quickest and most beneficial way to learn film acting and acquire professional demo reel footage.  This all inclusive workshop focuses on film acting in front of multiple cameras in fully filmed scenes.  You learn everything from real audition skills in week 1 to acting on set in filmed scenes weeks 2 and 3 with extensive on camera time learning expert technical skills and layered acting performances. Week 4 is exactly like acting on a feature film set. You are working in fully filmed scenes with lights, multiple cameras, a sound person, professionaly directed with a crew, master shots, close ups, and insert shots.  Every week is filmed.  Actors can have us professionally edit together full scenes for use with their demo reels for a small fee. 

$220 - 4 weeks

Advanced Audition and Cinematic Self Taping Skills
Learn and practice advanced auiditon techniques and skills that book more roles. Learn cinematic self taping skillls that will make your self tapes stand out and get you noticed as a professional working actor. This course is for actors who are regularly going on auditions and want to increase their bookings.

$220 - 4 weeks

Improv Acting for Film

Improv acting is such an important skillset. Every actor should have advanced improv acting skills. It allows you to have extreme confidence on set and be fully alive in every scene. This course focuses on Improv skills directly related to film acting. Actors should be in enrolled in the On Set, On Camera workshop for a few months and then add this course to round out your on film acting skills and free you up physically in every scene. 

$220 - 4 weeks

Master Class

Advanced scene breakdown skills and cold reading. For advacned actors who have been in the On Set, On camera workshop and have a high level of acting. Fully filmed scenes. Directors, Producers and Casting Directors want to see specific elements from the writer's script during auditions. This classes teaches those elements.  Actors with these skills book more roles and stand out among other actors. 

$235 - 4 weeks

Director's Program

Learn and direct fully filmed scenes with feature film director David Rountree. Learn technical aspects of directing. Work with actors in our workshops preparing for scenes and work and direct actors in fully filmed scenes with feature film director David Rountree's guidance and a small crew. 

$220 - 4 weeks

Writer's workshop

Workshop your scenes and scripts with our actors in fully filmed scenes. Learn what works and what does not translate well to film. Learn advanced scene writing skills that will set you apart as a professional writer.

$100 - 4 weeks

$350 - 2 workshops in same month, $450 - 3 workshops in same month

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