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On-Camera Acting

Actors from across California and nearby states turn to LA Acting Studios when they’re looking for the opportunity to work and succeed in front of the camera. With our On-Camera Classes, you will have extra time to take your characters to a deeper and more profound place that will allow you to stand out and get hired for the job. Learn how to create multi layered performances that fascinate audiences. Every class includes extended on-camera acting time and you will have access to your filmed footage after every class. Start today on the path to becoming an electrifying actor by using the most innovative and thoughtful methods in the world of acting.​​​  Are you using your five senses in every scene? Learn the secrets here!

With smaller class 
sizes, LA Acting Studios is designed to give each actor the necessary time on stage AND in front of the camera in a positive and extremely creative and interactive environment that will take your acting to a much more deep and real place, thus building confidence in front of the camera and keeping audiences enthralled . 

(on stage and in front of the camera)

Our teaching community is made up of a group of talented and creative working professionals, who are passionate about creating the best Acting School in Los Angeles. LA Acting Studios offers the tools and support necessary for our students to trul
y reach their full potential. Learn the best things to show on your resume, how to get the best Headshots, how to prep for auditions that will get you noticed, and many other aspects of acting in front of the camera that will raise your level of acting to that of top professionals. 

Scenes from class

Audition to Fully Filmed On-Set Scene Workshop

With our 4 week intensive workshop, you will receive insider tips to successfully audition while learning how to create and use physical characterizations and playable movements with your body to captivate audiences. You will be able to create a memorable scene that will elevate your acting skills, learn how to incorporate all of the technical aspects of acting with a Film/TV crew and cameras while performing in fully filmed, professionally directed On-Camera scenes. Learn how to multilayer your performances using all 5 of your senses and have fun all at the same time while raising the level of your acting to that of other professional working actors with LA Acting Studios. 
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